Guns, lures, and collectables

Guns,Lures, and Collectables Auction

On-Site Only!

2568 West Kearney, Springfield, MO 65803

Sunday May 28th, 2023 @ 1 p.m.


Stevens model 320 12 gauge 3in.
Krupp Laufstahl 20 gauge double barrel
Ithaca 22 short,long
Howa model 1500 22-250
Remington 870 Express super mag
Remington Arms 22 short,long or long rifle Model
New Haven by Mossberg 410 pump 600et
Walther p22 cal 22lr
Remington 30-06 Model 740 Woodmaster
Browning Arms 308 A bolt
Remington 30-06 WOODMASTER MODEL 742
Remington 12 ga super mag model 870
Falco 410ga 3 over and under
Iver Johnson 22 s.l.lr
Marlin 30-30 mod 336
Remington 30-06 model 770
Rossi Matched pairs 243 win, 20 ga and center
Henry 22 s,l,lr
Winchester 30-30 Model 94
ER Amantino 410 Model Uplander
Marlin 22 s,l,lr model 39A
Savage. Model 110 270
Winchester 22 s,l,lr. Model 61
Remington 30-06 Model 770
New England 410. Model SB1 3in full
Sears Roebuck 410 model 21
Ruger Model 10/22. Carbine 22 lr
Marlin 22lr stainless Model 60sb
Marlin 30-30 model 336
Remington 280 Model 7400
Companhia rasileira de cartuchos 410 Model sb
Stevens A&T 22lr
Savage Mark 2 22 LR
Stevens Model 62 22 LR
Winchester 22LR. Model 190
Winchester 12 ga Super X Model 1
Glenfield Model 10 22 s,l,LR
Stevens Model 87D 22
A.Rossi S.A .17 HMR
Winchester Model 120 20 ga
Stevens Model 311 20 ga double barrel
Browning 7mm mag
Mossberg 20 ga pump
S.P.Aa. Franchi Brescia 20ga skeet
Browning bar 300 mag
Mossberg 702 plinkster 22
Marlin model 60 22
Remington 12ga sportsman 48
Western auto 22model 120
Utas 12 ga Hatfield
Mossberg 12 ga Model 88 Maveric
OF Mossberg 22 LR Model 151k
Mossberg 22LR Diamond Jubilee Model 6060
Remington scoremaster model 511 22s,l,lr
Remington Magnum wingmaster model 870LW 20g

Mossberg Plinkster Model 702 22LR
Winchester 22LR Model 74
Remington 22LR Model 597
Winchester Model 12. 16ga
Glenfield Mod 60 22 LR
Springfield Savage 12ga Model 67
Marlin 22 war only Model 883
Harle’s Daly 12 ga
Winchester Model 70. 270
Remington 870
Remington 870 12 ga
Remington 410 Model 11-48
Remington 770 7MM Rem Mag
Stevens 22 LR Snap shot
Rossi 410 2.5 in
25-06 Out action
Ruger Blackhawk Single action 30cal
Beretta 22LR Model
Heritage 22 mag /22 rough rider
Brevets Model D MAB French Naval Ww2 7.65
Ruger 380 w/2 clips
Colt civil war centennial 22short
Parker 10 mm SS
Canik tp9sa 9mm
Springfield Armory XD 40
Robinhood #1. 22long
Leupold scope in box
Rifle and pistol dies
Bushnell scope in box
Bushnell scope
Reloading equipment
Lots of chokes
Lots of scopes
Gun cleaning kits
Bushnell telescope
Old wood cleaning rods
Graphite compound bow
Quiver arm gauard
Ames manufacturing Mass us civil war Seward CSL
Us military badges and honors
Timlar sward
Horton cross bow
Templar sward
Pthyian sward
Excalibur cross bow
Peter’s small arm amo crate
Old bugle
Ammo pouches holsters
Gun cleaning kit
Bore sighting kit
Military light

Ammo box
Shooters vise
Remington pinion thrower
Rhino compound bow
Deer antlers
Hi power 12ga crate
Schlitz signe
Coca Cola electric car
Camel open sign
Zippo advertising stands
Zippo display
Camel signe
Camel neon sign
GPC neon sign
Newport clock
Winston sign
Lucky strike pivoting sign
Camels sign
Marlboro sign
Large zippo neon clock
Camel neon sign
Lot of arrows
Coleman lanterns
Red caseColeman lantern
Red lens lantern
Coleman US Military lanterns
Coleman lantern/ Pyrex
Coleman electronic ignition
Coleman lantern in brown
Wenzel Lantern
Red Coleman lantern
Mr Heater
Leinenkugel sign
Fishing Lures
Colt padlock with keys
Colt fire arms factory padlock with Keys
Lure assortment
Jig mold Arky-M
Fishing lights
Sling and miscellaneous
glass minnow trap
Knife stone sharpener
Turkey fryer set outdoor cooker
Fishing supplies
Tournament board
Rifle bench
Bumper nets
Prowler trolling motors one new

And More!!!

Lots not found.